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Genetic Risk Management


Prior to the early 1990s the heritable component of female pelvic malignancies was unknown. Since that time a number of inherited genetic mutations have been described with more being discovered every year. It is estimated that more than 6000 new cases of ovarian and uterine cancers diagnosed yearly arise from such chromosomal defects (e.g., BRCA gene mutations, Lynch Syndrome, etc.).


Fortunately, testing for genetic defects has become quite sophisticated and the recommendations for evaluation more specific.


In concert with a Genetic Counselor, a Gynecologic Oncologist can help to determine the risk to you and your family members when a genetic predisposition for gynecologic malignancy is suspected.  If a chromosomal defect is discovered in you or a family member the Gynecologic Oncologist will provide all options in management and surveillance.

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