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Random Thoughts On Cancer

Random Thoughts On Ovarian Cancer

Random Thoughts On Pelvic Masses

Abnormal Pap Smears, HPV, CIN, VIN, VAIN

Many of you who have reached this area of the website are newly diagnosed with a gynecologic cancer or pre-malignant abnormality. Almost certainly you are starved for information about your diagnosis and your treatment.

As the years go by I have noticed that there are a number of recurring discussions that keep coming up with patients new to this area of medicine.  I have probably already discussed 1 or 2 of these topics with you already. I’ve put some of these thoughts in writing for you. This is not meant to be purely “scientific” information. Rather, these discussions are mainly just common sense, practical answers to questions that all new patients eventually need to have answered.


Undoubtedly you and your family and friends will have many questions not covered either in this set of informal discussions or elsewhere on the website. I consider good communication between you and me to be an essential part of your care. If you have a question in search of an answer please contact me or my office staff.  I am in surgery every day during the “daylight” hours but you can leave me a message and I will always return your call (be forewarned, I may return your call late at night or very early in the morning!).


I cannot stress enough just how important it is that we are easily able to communicate with you during the course of your treatment. Just as we are available to you 24/7, you must be available to us 24/7! Phone tag is a frustrating game to play, especially when you have an important question for us or we have important instructions for you regarding your treatment. Keep your cellphone with you and leave it on 24 hours a day! We can leave messages on your voicemail but only if we can be absolutely sure that you or a very close family member will receive the information. Please take the time to record an identifying greeting on your voicemail.

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