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Complicated Gynecology


A number of non-malignant gynecologic conditions may require consultation with or management by a Gynecologic Oncologist.  


Occasionally, common benign gynecologic problems progress to involve nearby pelvic structures.  An example would be severe endometriosis that has extended to the colon or bladder.  In this situation, a Gynecologic Oncologist will often be consulted to aid in surgical management. Click here for examples.


Chronic, benign gynecologic diagnoses may require management input by a Gynecologic Oncologist.  For example, because of his/her knowledge in managing cancer-related pain syndromes, a Gynecologic Oncologist may be consulted in benign causes of chronic pelvic pain.


Some benign gynecologic diagnoses are uncommonly or rarely encountered and thus, may necessitate specialized care by a Gynecologic Oncologist.  Examples would by vesicovaginal and recto-vaginal fistulae (connections between the bladder or bowel and the vagina), Paget's disease of the vulva (microphotograph), and congenital malformations of the cervix and vagina.


Intra-operative consultation is often asked of a Gynecologic Oncologist when unexpected findings or life-threatening hemorrhage are encountered during a surgical procedure.

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