Complicated Benign Gynecologic Surgery

IUD Migration

This video shows laparoscopic retrieval of an IUD that had perforated the uterus of a young woman.  It was seen on pre-operative imaging to have migrated to the upper abdomen.  At laparoscopy, it was found embedded in the omentum near the transverse colon. This surgical approach requires 3 small 5mm abdominal incisions and takes less than 20 minutes to perform. The patient was able to be discharged home several hours after this procedure.



This 50-year-old woman presented with a complex pelvic mass and elevated ovarian cancer tumor markers. Malignancy was suspected preoperatively and the patient was referred to our practice.  At the time of laparoscopic evaluation, severe endometriosis limited to one ovary was found with no evidence of cancer. After removal of the affected ovary the patient was discharged home.